The plan so far

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Last week wall looked at the questions we most wanted to ask people in Bristol, centred around the idea of “how can a city change?”. We’ve decided to make a structure to transport about the city in order to stage conversations. This could be anything from a table to a moveable living room or a boat. We’re going to build towards a day  when we’ll do this, moving our structure about and meeting different groups. This day of moving and talking will form the centre of the project, which we also plan to build into an exhibition. Exciting times!



Synecdoche Collective

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Synecdoche Collective

This July, Synecdoche an artist collective based in Bristol, are presenting their debut exhibition at The Embassy Tea Gallery in Southwark, London. Fifty emerging artists will share their most recent works, pushing the capabilities of paint, print, ceramics, sculpture and more. The large exhibition will showcase the collective’s curious and distinctive approach to art making. The work displayed aims to blur the boundaries between fine art and craft whilst demonstrating the artists keen eye for materiality. The show runs from the 8th-13th of July with the private view from 5pm – 9.30 pm on Wednesday the 9th of July.

Young People’s Festival of Ideas

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Young People's Festival of Ideas

Young Arnolfini are helping host the first of three Young People’s Festival of Ideas events happening at Arnolfini this Wednesday. For an evening full of debate, laughter and free thinking come along at 6.30pm this Wednesday, 6th November. Places are limited so book yours now – 0117 9172300