Wet paint on walls at The Station

‘And today we got to paint on the walls’

Bristol, Drawing, Exhibition, Painting

Yesterday began the install for our exhibition at The Station, entitled Perfectionism. I wouldn’t say that it was a dream of mine, but for a while I’ve had the desire to create something directly onto a wall. I can’t entirely put my finger on why I’ve wanted to do this, but I think it’s something to do with the fact that it feels naughty and feels like we’re breaking the rules.

So when someone’s idea for this exhibition was to paint words onto the wall how could I not jump at it to help out?!

So that’s what we’ve been doing so far, painting onto the walls. Surprisingly not too much mess has been made so far, and it’s looking like we will be all set to go ready for our opening at 5pm on Friday!

Also, here’s the Facebook event for our Private View, the more the merrier!