Young Arnolfini “Wanderings” Exhibition

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“The title ‘Wanderings’ describes both the mental and physical movement of the imagination. The exhibition encapsulates a range of different themes including journeys, dwellings, and the shift between absence and presence. Presented through varying forms, Young Arnolfini have taken over the top floor of Be.In Bristol, creating space to allow the mind to wander.”

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Why not wander down and experience a FREE night of fine art, photography, sculpture and drinks with us, Young Arnolfini.

Located at Be.In Bristol, this incredible venue will set the scene for the night and live music will set the tone as you wander on up to the exhibition space.

The summer might be over, but Young Arnolfini are kicking off autumn with a bang. It’s an exciting time to be a part of Young Arnolfini and we have so much more planned for the coming months.

Launch party: 15th October, 6-9pm, open to the public

Location: Be.In Bristol, 59-61 Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS8 2LY


Get In The Know

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Clothing from Seven, Bristol. Image: Emma Blake Morsi

Particularly interested in everything, the idea of Nocturnal, my Gold Arts Award magazine, came from my uncomfortableness towards the future and my inability to say no. I wanted a way to do everything I love – writing, designing, producing – without having to compromise myself in a society where we allow the media to dictate what we care about. Therefore, with my Gold Arts Award opportunity I wanted to produce something that could be an authentic voice and platform for people to showcase their obsessions with a two-way support. ‘Nocturnal’ came from my love and desire of becoming intimate with the unknown and holding it up like ‘hey, check this out, get in the know’ so others could see all the beauty, passion, and authenticity also. I’m a sucker for community and if you’ve got a passion for something, don’t be a stranger.

Check it out!

Clothing from Shop Dutty. Image: Emma Blake Morsi

Clothing from Shop Dutty. Image: Emma Blake Morsi

YA Zine Issue 2, Perfectionism

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Young Arnolfini’s second Zine is well underway and almost completed! The theme for our second issue is Perfectionism. It has been really interesting seeing the variety of ways we have all approached this topic, and the way we have all put our own spin or style on it.

The Design Team have spent time over the last two weeks designing the pages and layouts and we hope it will be going to print this coming week.

Here’s the front cover as a teaser of what is inside our next issue, and so you know what to look out for when you’re dying to get your own FREE copy! They will be distributed around Bristol over the next few weeks, so look out for them to pick up your copy!

Cover1 copy

The Art of Freestyle Rap

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There I was sitting with my brother at the computer while the instrumental of Immortal Technique’s ‘Internally Bleeding’ was being played. With little thought, I rapped “yo yo, I’m the illest emcee, no-one’s sicker than me. Bush Bush, he’s like a bush, he’s so green and hairy and don’t get me started about John Kerry…” and passed over the headset to my brother who added “…yeah he’s eleven but he can spit sicker than you…”.

Seven years later, I’m sitting here and wondering what would have been if my brother never introduced me to the art that is Freestyle Rap – something I believe everyone should experience.

I decided to do some research into the effects of what I’ve been doing. I foundfMRI-Freestyle-Rap a study conducted by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), using fMRI, they monitored the brain activity of twelve rappers freestyling. They found that freestyling increased brain activity in the medial prefrontal cortex – a part of the brain which is responsible for thought and action – while decreasing activity in the area which causes us to suppress and think twice.