Someone Get Me Damien Hurst…

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I am confused. I thought I hated Damien Hirst. I do, I do hate him. I have this inbuilt system of loathing designed just for the two words that make up his name and I don’t know why. I think it’s other people. Their dislike of him, which makes me hate him. If they don’t like him they take that further, they don’t like contemporary art, because of him. I can’t explain this. They are entitled to an opinion. Do I hate Damien Hirst or the perpetual Damien Hirst-ite idea that is still poisoning Britain’s interest in art? Today Hirst sometimes works with children to aid them in artistic senses, he has this childishness that people won’t dare appreciate, because they hate him. He did some stupid and senseless things to art, he hurt art, and now he is trying to make it better, right? Give it a kiss. Out of the good of his own heart. Fair enough. But the old him still exists, laughing away in the form of a skull made of money, made to make money, that made money and made many without much money pretty mad. They don’t forget, those who don’t know and that’s a lot of folks. I think we should forget him, forget everything he stood for, if he’s ready to be forgotten. I think if we did that then we would have a place to start. Will he be forgotten? No. Will people refuse to forget him? Yes. In today’s economic climate people are more ready to hate the gangster artist than before, it an us and them, polarized issue. This is what confuses me.

Saatchi tells me to be afraid, because if he doesn’t like me then what am I worth. I am an ego at the moment. And if I am not fed I will not become credible. Saatchi takes me for lunch and asks me to pick up the bill. Saatchi takes me home to see his wife but he doesn’t know which one she is.
Damien Hirst is here, I try to form my anger into a rational statement, but he’s helping a child do a painting, and he doesn’t even look cynical.



Saatchi’s pissing up my trousers.
I should go home.

Children and creativity

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After creating my last post on who art is for, it got me thinking about children and art – or more specifically, creativity. I was drawing with my sister, when I realised she actually had a lot of really creative thoughts. I already knew that children are often more creative than their older counterparts, but it was then that I actually experienced it.

My sister and our Artwork

My sister and our Artwork

She took one look at the random squiggles and doodles I had drawn for her to colour in and she proclaimed “its a chicken!” At first, I had no idea what she was talking about, but then she explained. “Look, there’s the beak!” “and that’s the dangly bit!” and suddenly, I could see it! I mean, it was a bit surreal, and in no way accurate, but there was a rooster.

Her work next to mine

Her work next to mine

We carried on drawing – me with the pen adding the lines, her with the colours adding the well, colours – and we came up with our finished drawing (which looked nothing like a chicken in the end, might I add). But drawing with her made me realise that kids are incredibly creative and its something that should be encouraged. Its something that I touched upon in my last post, but children should be encouraged to be a part of the art world.

My parents have always encouraged me to go along to cultural and artistic related things and places. They even took me to the Tate in St Ives when I was young! I think that its because of experiences like these that I feel so much more comfortable in artistic institutions now than I might have otherwise. That is something that I’m so glad of.

Me visiting the Tate in St Ives and exploring what looks like some of Barbara Hepworth's work

Me visiting the Tate in St Ives and exploring what looks like some of Barbara Hepworth’s work

Getting children involved with art is something that I feel needs to happen. This is for a variety of reasons, but mainly, just because children are already so creative and their thoughts can sometimes be more interesting than the artwork itself. Wasn’t it Pablo Picasso that said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

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ExtraLife – video games raising money for kids



I’m partaking in the annual Extra Life event. Extra Life consists of gamers around the world coming together to raise money for their local children’s hospitals. The main event lasts 25 hours where participants are encouraged to stream video games for 25 hours straight (usually 24 hours). I am currently nearly 9 hours in with 16 more to go! We will be playing games like Zelda, Last of Us, Dead Rising, Outlast, Minecraft, Alan Wake, Scribblenauts, Fusion Frenzy, Skylanders and lots more!

My target is $200 and I’ve currently raised $30. Any donations would be really appreciated as this is for a good cause! Doesn’t matter if all you can spare is $1 – this is still enough!

You can watch me stream here or here for the whole group.

Here is my donation page (extra life is currently down atm)

This afternoon I volunteered with Arnolfini, The Architecture Centre and The ScrapStore to create a Family Arts Festival creative event at Junction 3 Library in Easton. Above anything else the event was fun, and we received some brilliantly positive comments from both parents and children.

The aim of the workshop was to encourage families to think of ways to improve Bristol and specifically the area they live in, Easton, and to imagine how it could be tomorrow. Allotments, a man-made beach and flowery bins were just a selection of ideas. The children really used their imagination and I was so impressed with some of the ideas and designs they produced.

In terms of a career path, creative educational workshops like these certainly feature up there for me, as a I really enjoy using my creative skills and interests in an educational and community based environment.

We all went home covered in green glitter, which has got to be a sign of a successful and fun-filled afternoon!


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