Pip and Pop – Take me to your world!


I found out about Australian artists Pip and Pop, otherwise known as Nicole Andrijevic and Tanya Schultz a couple of months ago and really loved their work! They create beautifully childish installations using dyed sugars, wax, glitter and found objects to name but a few materials, and, by incorporating them with sound, transform the gallery floor into another world.


One of my favourite things about these artists is the sense of fun embodied within their work. Throughout my art education, the works I have been encouraged to create have been the more serious pieces with heavy conceptual backing, and been told that this is how I will gain respect in the art world. Pip and Pop’s work celebrates playfulness instead of seriousness, and encourages an innocent and child-like exploration of their fantastical pieces.


I think another reason I love their work is that I was banned from using glitter at A Level…


On a more basic level I love their work because I love pastel colours, glitter and things with an iridescent quality – I can’t wait until they exhibit in the UK again so I can experience their work in person.

– Grace