Visiting Sanctum

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This week Young Arnolfini left Arnolfini and went to visit Sanctum, the amazing new project by artist Theaster Gates, produced by Situations. It was an inspiring chance to think about Art within the context of the city.



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Joshua Keeling’s notes from the meeting…

“My boyfriend’s got a really good radio voice

Emojis and pictures of the Fonz


Slap in a bracket

Constantly feeling like Natalie Imbruglia” 


The Story of Gelert || How to make a tent

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Initially the group began with the idea of Welsh folk stories, which we were interested in because of the way that they are communicated. These stories were only passed by word of mouth, and have only been recorded in modern times.


IMG_20150515_165441  IMG_0128

Buying fabric, and constructing the tent in Gallery 1, Arnolfini


The group explored these stories, becoming attached to ‘The story of Gelert’ and the Welsh language, mainly its translation and mistranslation into English and other languages. This lead us to explore translation, which became the centre of the project.

The group wanted to create a den or tent like space to present the story, as we felt that this was the perfect storytelling environment.

After we had decided on creating a tent space, we were given found footage of a family putting up a tent. This coincidence re-affirmed our tent concept, and became a really important part of the work.


The story of Gelert continues to be an integral part of the work and its creation.

14.1.15 Meeting Selfie

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10313136_768261326589194_5066474602915498088_n 14.1.15 Meeting Selfie  :  We’ve been busy creating content for the new parts of our Arnolfini young people’s gallery guides for the last two weeks, here are some origami flowers (can you guess which part of the exhibitions we’ve been looking at recently…?) Here’s a PDF version of our Young Arnolfini Gallery Guide Part 1 of 3: A response to not knowing, in case you missed it when it was in the gallery.

26.11.14 Meeting Selfie

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26.11.14 Meeting Selfie  :  Last Wednesday we spent our Young Arnolfini meeting organising our Arnolfini Josephine Pryde and Willem de Rooij exhibition tours which will be on Saturday December 6th, the tours are experimental and performative tours that will pick apart the key themes and explore the relevance of the shows to us… or something like that.
The tours are free and there is no need to book, just turn up on the day.

PS. YA are always chatting on Twitter, follow us on #YoungArnolfini and see all our meeting selfies as they happen.