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Joshua Keeling’s notes from the meeting…

“My boyfriend’s got a really good radio voice

Emojis and pictures of the Fonz


Slap in a bracket

Constantly feeling like Natalie Imbruglia” 



Politics and Image – Labour’s Emily Thornberry

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I woke up today to realise that perhaps politics is not all politics after all, fine I didn’t only just realise that but it’ll do as an opening. Anyway, Labour Shadow Cabinet MP Emily Thornberry has now resigned after making an idiotic mistake, Twitter. The fact that she posted an image entitled ‘image from Rochester’ including a white van and three England flags was met by many with offence.

This is the first incident I know of whereby a neutral image, even a patriotic one, taken by an old person, has been met with such moronic idiocy. I respect your opinion but when your opinion concerns reading ironic connotation from a picture and then accusing a whole political party of snobbery then come on.

Is a high ranking member of a party with a working class history going to, in election season, post a condescending image about a demographic on Twitter? Really? It wasn’t an accident, those aren’t her boobs she accidentally posted, it was in all logic a sincere post of respect. If it were derogatory in aim then surely she’d have been expecting people to respond with sneering tweets about people with vans who fly flags. To read into it in such an aggressive manner, with no respect for logic, replacing the world we live in with an ironic fiction whereby left-wing politicians hate anyone with a national identity is pure hypocrisy.

The fact that you can take such connotations from the image indicates that you must indeed be prejudiced in some way too. To read everything as a joke, whether it’s a good one or not is the trait of a comedian, and you’re the one making the joke here. You’re the one who is reading the implication because of what you know about England flags and white vans. To say that someone’s original intention was offensive is to state that you recognise a joke about working class patriotism in that photo, even if it isn’t there. And no, you can’t hypothetically compare that argument to recognising a picture of Hitler on a Neo-Nazi Twitter feed as offensive, because that picture is openly offensive, while this one was apparently covert, and you can see that.

My point, my overriding point, is that you’re reinforcing the stereotypes you ‘hate’ by calling a picture of a white van offensive. You’re aligning with the viewpoint you think miss Thornberry has and then going ‘hah! That’s offensive actually even if I was thinking it too!’ It’s a new turn in image politics, that is indicative of just how far gone the mentality of the online presence is. Not everything is a joke, not everyone is a tit and not everyone understands ironic postmodernism. So grow up. Yes you. Unless you agree, in which case vote for me in the next general election.

Also, check out this racist sunset.


Someone Get Me Damien Hurst…

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I am confused. I thought I hated Damien Hirst. I do, I do hate him. I have this inbuilt system of loathing designed just for the two words that make up his name and I don’t know why. I think it’s other people. Their dislike of him, which makes me hate him. If they don’t like him they take that further, they don’t like contemporary art, because of him. I can’t explain this. They are entitled to an opinion. Do I hate Damien Hirst or the perpetual Damien Hirst-ite idea that is still poisoning Britain’s interest in art? Today Hirst sometimes works with children to aid them in artistic senses, he has this childishness that people won’t dare appreciate, because they hate him. He did some stupid and senseless things to art, he hurt art, and now he is trying to make it better, right? Give it a kiss. Out of the good of his own heart. Fair enough. But the old him still exists, laughing away in the form of a skull made of money, made to make money, that made money and made many without much money pretty mad. They don’t forget, those who don’t know and that’s a lot of folks. I think we should forget him, forget everything he stood for, if he’s ready to be forgotten. I think if we did that then we would have a place to start. Will he be forgotten? No. Will people refuse to forget him? Yes. In today’s economic climate people are more ready to hate the gangster artist than before, it an us and them, polarized issue. This is what confuses me.

Saatchi tells me to be afraid, because if he doesn’t like me then what am I worth. I am an ego at the moment. And if I am not fed I will not become credible. Saatchi takes me for lunch and asks me to pick up the bill. Saatchi takes me home to see his wife but he doesn’t know which one she is.
Damien Hirst is here, I try to form my anger into a rational statement, but he’s helping a child do a painting, and he doesn’t even look cynical.



Saatchi’s pissing up my trousers.
I should go home.

Pixel Art

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So when I say pixel art, I’m sure I immediately conjour images of mario and other characters from early nintendo games.. Or maybe even minecraft! Which is all well and good, but what I’m gonna show you is a little more interesting.. Be warned – this post might take a turn for the weird and wonderful.

Source: http://fav.me/d49w6j8

Mama Mia! Itsa me! Mario! Source: http://fav.me/d49w6j8

So have you ever heard of Pixel Sorting? Its basically where you run images through a program, and it creates some crazy, glitched up effects. I mean, just have a look at them:

Its weird. I get that okay? But its interesting too. The gifs are most exciting – watching the patterns change.

Now, I’m sure you’re all thinking “This looks so cool! I’d love to create some of my own – I just wish I knew how!” but don’t despair! Web developer/Java instructor/digital artist Ways Spurr-Chen can help you out. He’s made this interesting method for creating these images available to the masses through a website a lot of us know well – Twitter.

With the help of different commands to include in your tweet, @PixelSorter is a twitterbot that will change any image and tweet it back to you as a piece of abstract pixel art. You have a range of preset commands that will create a number of different effects for you, but for those of you feeling adventurous, you can make your own adjustments to it!

I had a go with the Young Arnolfini logo, and this is what I got:

Pretty cool huh? Its dead simple, so have a go! If you do, tweet your images using #YoungArnolfini so we can see!


A serious procrastination opportunity.

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Feeling a little restless and anxious awaiting the looming Monday morning? Make the most of your last opportunity to burn away some boredom for another week and take a look at the link below..

The thoughts of a wandering mind.



Sunday Roundup

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Grace – Up To 21 Film Festival


I’m currently in Warsaw, Poland, after having attended the Up To 21 International Film Festival. This is the first time I have taken part in such an event and I have really enjoyed in. Highlights included Spare Parts by Wilson Verstreken, and Dr. Jazz by Alex Pietrzak. The part I enjoyed the most was meeting people my age making a successful career for themselves in film, and inspiring one another. I now think I will try to make more films in the future and hopefully attend again next year.

Charlie C-T – Robert J. Lang, Origami

I don’t need to say much about this because his models are just so intricate and beautiful. The Arthropods are my favorite.

The past does not exist.

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If we consider that the current theory of the Universe is correct, ie. The Earth is in the Universe and that there are stars and planets which are millions of light years away, then what I cannot get my head around is the notion that the past must not therefore exist.

Because of the incomprehensible distance between us on Earth and other stars and planets in the Solar System, in some cases we are only just receiving the light from some stars that was transmitted in 1066. This got me thinking. Images are essentially light patterns, and whilst the Earth receives light and image, so must it equally transmit light (otherwise we wouldn’t be able to see the Earth from the Moon for example).

So, in this way, if there was to exist some sentient being on a star billions of light years away, they could see the Earth as it was hundreds, thousands of years ago, (the battle of Hastings in 1066 for example could somewhere still exist and be occurring due to the lag in light travel).  Each one of our actions through time are still travelling as light through space, and could be received and seen at any point. Furthermore, if “space” is infinite, every single action on Earth could never be considered a finished action and in the past, as it is floating off through space somewhere, where in maybe one thousand or one billion years it will be picked up on some far away planet.

I don’t actually know the validity of this idea, as I am not a astro-physicist, but on the simplest of levels, I find it a fascinating concept.

Ross Williams

Jake Fried – Hand drawn animation

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Recently I have been thinking a lot about different types of animation and came to the conclusion that I really want to do a hand drawn animation. I have been looking on vimeo and various places on the internet for inspiration and I came across Jake Fried.

I really like the style of his animations where he uses white space as much as dark space. I also really like the sound track that goes with them, for instance in “Last Meal” the sound of people eating slowly turns into a odd unnatural soundscape, mirroring the change in the animation. I think the constantly changing images are intricate and beautiful and juxtapose the mystery in the story telling. I hope you enjoy them and are inspired by them like me.

Check out the rest of Jake Fried’s work, and thanks for reading!

Charlie C-T



Yorgos Sapountzis Interview

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Prior to Young Arnolfini’s collaboration with Greek artist and performer Yorgos Sapountzis, Maz Shar spoke to him about his work. You can find a pullout of some of our work together in the YA zine, launching this Friday. (Click for info)