Taking a chance on a flyer – CHAMP

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Last night (20th June 2015) I was coaxed into attending an event by a very curious piece of advertising. Picked up at The Island, Bristol, this flyer, with its sparseness and contrast, was too intriguing to ignore.


What I found, in a small, active industrial yard, was a gathering of people brought together for a performance and a barbecue, on the eve of the solstice.

Sam, the main man of the occasion, put the event together prior to the beginning of what he described to me as an adventurous wander of survival without money, a phone or a map. The idea, to leave of without worrying about how much money you have, who you’re in contact with and where you are, is greatly inspiring as a thing to do, and the fact that there was no pretention in the attitude of the friendly, jovial crowd bolstered the moment.

The event itself is tied to a group of artists in Bristol, CHAMP, whose newly renovated garage studio is as I awkwardly put it at one point, ‘nice’. Which is what it is, a well as more valuable adjectives.

It’s the second time I’ve joined the outskirts of a group shepherded by some leader figure called Sam. The first time being the night of my secondary school prom, in the face of rejection I’d gone off to a gig instead, and while there lied to a group of guys about my age so I could feel less insecure. Sam bought me a drink but I’d had to politely decline.

This time around it was homemade wine that I was avoiding for medical reasons and the barbecue, (from which I had a grilled pepper bun) was a happy addition to the performance. A good move. The details of the performance itself is really only for the performance. That it effectively involved a morning ritual with a much heightened intensity, is enough description to honour intentions I figure.

All of that which Sam took on his sojourn of indefinite length today was lain out on the floor until by the end of the performance it was packed away into his bag. In generosity Sam also provided me and others with a free shirt for our engagement, which was a fine thing to do.

Sam, and the rest of those more of the inner circle, were at the allotment mentioned on the flyer this morning at sunrise, to wave Sam away I guess.

It’s a shame I couldn’t be there, but I was more committed to getting to my bed than hanging around for somewhere to couch/floorsurf with the group. So on this, the longest day of the year, I wish Sam the vey best of luck, and am glad that things like this happen, because, if they didn’t, then just how boring would life be?


The Story of Gelert || How to make a tent

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Initially the group began with the idea of Welsh folk stories, which we were interested in because of the way that they are communicated. These stories were only passed by word of mouth, and have only been recorded in modern times.


IMG_20150515_165441  IMG_0128

Buying fabric, and constructing the tent in Gallery 1, Arnolfini


The group explored these stories, becoming attached to ‘The story of Gelert’ and the Welsh language, mainly its translation and mistranslation into English and other languages. This lead us to explore translation, which became the centre of the project.

The group wanted to create a den or tent like space to present the story, as we felt that this was the perfect storytelling environment.

After we had decided on creating a tent space, we were given found footage of a family putting up a tent. This coincidence re-affirmed our tent concept, and became a really important part of the work.


The story of Gelert continues to be an integral part of the work and its creation.

Interesting Things Around Bristol Recently #33 & #34

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IMG_6558 At Uni my tutor told me to ‘notice what you notice’, so ever since I’ve been collecting photographs on my website with the title ‘Interesting Things Around Bristol Recently‘ .

I hope you’re not hungry…

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…because I’m about to bridge the line between food and art!

I was amazed to stumble across the work of Hasan Kale who creates micro paintings on food!


Using Smarties, bread sticks, nuts and chocolate (to name a few) as his canvas, he works to the tiniest scale. Yet even though he is painting on only a few centimeters, he can still create art that’s awe-inspiring.

He uses a brush that’s so small it can paint these intricate details that you wouldn’t have realised it was possible to paint! You’ve got to wonder how much work goes into something so small…

And for some seconds?

Check out the work of Carl Warner, who creates what he calls “Foodscapes”


Entire scenes made completely out of food! I love how he uses things like broccoli to symbolise trees as it reminds me of when I was young and used to think of them as exactly that – little trees! I think its really clever what he’s done and its interesting looking at the scenes, trying to spot the different food he’s used to create his landscapes!

Time for lunch I think!

Thanks for reading,

Here We Go Again

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It’s cheeky how fast this time of the year comes around. If you’ve been lucky like myself the terror from the mere mention of exams has long gone, a distant memory, a thing of the past. No more night-before panic attacks or fretful post-exam stress because you have now been blessed with too much freedom to be conscious of the August cloud looming ahead. But just as I became settled in my own glorious laissez-faire state of mind, I forgot to take note of the quick return to start A2. Thrusted back in the deep end I’m back to square one: figuring out how to turn my craving for summer into academic motivation.

Then came along Daria Khoroshavina, the Russian photographer my friend recently introduced me to, and the fabulous Ignacio Torres.

We Are All Made Of Stars, Daria Khoroshavina

In Khoroshavina’s We Are All Made Of Stars collection she uses glowing body paint in black (UV) lighting as the only source of light to resemble space and sky. Similarly, Torres’s Stellar project depicts the cosmic theory that, as a result of a star’s death, humans are then made of the cosmic matter by devising galaxies using reflective confetti, where our celestial creation is emphasised by the posture and demeanour of the subjects. My favourite part of all of this is the use of gifs to create three-dimensional movement serving ‘as a visual metaphor to the spatial link we share with stars as well as their separateness through time’, which further accentuates the relationship between space and time.

Stellar, Ignacio Torres

Stellar, Ignacio Torres

Stellar, Ignacio Torres

Stellar, Ignacio Torres


















Don’t get me wrong, my astrology is beyond poor and I could not date the zodiac signs if my life depended on it, but as a nocturnal soul there’s something about the beauty of the night that I’ve never been able to express or explain until now, by showing these projects. Even now I still can’t quite explain how it makes me feel; and maybe that is because I am writing in midday with no visible stars to ponder on; but the response I feel when I look at these give me that extraordinary chill of awe and wonder that not many other things do. So of course it’s only fitting my new photography project is Alchemy.

Instead of wistfully looking back on my short post-exam and pre-A2 freedom I am beginning to channel my summer cravings into my fine art and photography courses. The more I think about it the more it makes sense. Technically, drawing inspiration from these photographers can do nothing but enhance my summer with a newfound excuse to get messy and delve into the unknown with all sorts of glowing paint, inks, confetti, glitter and bright lights.

And hopefully by the time summer gets here I’ll have mastered my DIY smoke bombs for the best kind of dramalchemic exit.

My visit to May Park School

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Recently, I got the opportunity to take a trip to May Park Primary School in Easton with a member of the Arnolfini. The whole school is having a lot of building work done, and as part of it, the Arnolfini has commissioned Exzyt to create an Art feature entitled “The Hide” to sit in a woodland clearing on the grounds.
The whole project is remarkable. The idea that this primary school had what was basically its own forest was amazing. It was something I never got to experience as a child, and I just wanted to join in with the kids playing in the forest and making dens!
But the most exciting thing about this space is the project they are doing with it. Along with the Arnolfini, Exyzt has designed a small, timber, sculptural building to sit in a clearing. This structure has been designed to resemble a “boulder” or “hazelnut” that fits perfectly with its surroundings. It’s got a range of features that allow the children to really connect with the wood such as panels where the children can look out onto the wildlife (including an area where a badger has made their home!). It’s a really interesting project that I can’t wait to see completed.

During my visit, I got to sit in with a class as they participated in a workshop about the new sculpture. Exyzt explained that the structure is based on a “zome” – the repetition of a geometric form in a double helix pattern. This is a feature that crops up everywhere in nature, ranging from leaves on flowers to the shapes on cauliflower! They showed how the idea of using a sequence of shapes over and over can create different and more complex structures.
Drawing examples from the gherkin in London, they showed the kids the different shapes they used to make The Hide, and introduced the idea of nets. They gave the class some sheets of paper with a net of the structure on. The children then got to make their own miniature paper version of it, and I was lucky enough to get to join in!

The whole project looks really interesting and talking to the children, they all seem to love it too! The little architect inside of me was really excited about the methods they are using to create it, and the ideas behind it. It’s made me think about how you can use different sequences of shapes to create these engaging structures seem to take on a completely different shape.

This post was featured in the third edition of Young Arnolfini’s Zine, with the theme “Sequential”. Check it out here

30,000 year old flower

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Science is amazing! Scientists have just managed to cultivate a plant from a seed that was 30,000 years old. That’s before the Ice Age!

The seed was found stashed in a squirrel’s burrow, and after applying growth hormones it germinated, and grew into this lovely baby:


Read more about it here

– Grace

Sunday Roundup

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Grace – Up To 21 Film Festival


I’m currently in Warsaw, Poland, after having attended the Up To 21 International Film Festival. This is the first time I have taken part in such an event and I have really enjoyed in. Highlights included Spare Parts by Wilson Verstreken, and Dr. Jazz by Alex Pietrzak. The part I enjoyed the most was meeting people my age making a successful career for themselves in film, and inspiring one another. I now think I will try to make more films in the future and hopefully attend again next year.

Charlie C-T – Robert J. Lang, Origami

I don’t need to say much about this because his models are just so intricate and beautiful. The Arthropods are my favorite.

Random Acts

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I was flicking through the channels on TV to find something on to watch and when I got to Channel 4 I was confronted with this video as part of their random acts which are video interventions somewhat like a flashmob but for telly.

I jumped straight to the computer to share it with everyone because of how impressive and cool it is. I think what is happening is that he is using the vegetables and fruit as an electrical output and they are hooked up to the synth he has essentially making them another key on the piano. Never the less this is still really fun and clever.

Check out the guys soundcloud and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

-Charlie C-T

The truth is out there? Crop circles hoax or intergalactic art?

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Crop circles have been appearing around the world since the 1970’s particularly in the UK. The big questions have always been. Why? How? Who?Image

And of course we get a wide range of answers to these questions, ranging from the supernatural, to a few guys with planks of wood, some string, and too much spare time.

Undeniably though, there is a fascination with a phenomenon surrounded with such ambiguity and mystery. However they came in to being, crop circles are essentially beautiful pieces of art, whether created by people, the wind or little green men.


The argument for the lack of human participation is that often the crops are cut in such a perfectly geometrical, and precise way that on such a scale it would be impossible to create, even with a plank of wood and some string.

But then of course, as much as the Sci-fi fan in me wants to believe this, firstly why would aliens, and so called higher forms of extra terrestrial intelligence, come all this way to vandalise some farmer’s fields in Wiltshire? And more to the point, why would they make a crop circle of Richard and Judy?


Art has been used in the past as a means of creating mystery, superstition and generally pulling everyone’s leg.

Take the example of ‘The Cottingley Fairies’, a hoax played by two teenage girls in 1917, where using cutouts of illustrations they’d done, and clever photography, they fooled the world in to thinking this was conclusive evidence for the existence of fairies.


I think the most plausible explanation is that the crop circles were made by humans from the future, who have developed the ability to time travel, explaining UFO sightings and humanoid portrayals of aliens. Did I say plausible? I meant I’ve been looking up to many conspiracy theories on the internet.

To wrap this up, here are some videos proving the existence of Bigfoot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HfP0GVi3xE