Taking a chance on a flyer – CHAMP

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Last night (20th June 2015) I was coaxed into attending an event by a very curious piece of advertising. Picked up at The Island, Bristol, this flyer, with its sparseness and contrast, was too intriguing to ignore.


What I found, in a small, active industrial yard, was a gathering of people brought together for a performance and a barbecue, on the eve of the solstice.

Sam, the main man of the occasion, put the event together prior to the beginning of what he described to me as an adventurous wander of survival without money, a phone or a map. The idea, to leave of without worrying about how much money you have, who you’re in contact with and where you are, is greatly inspiring as a thing to do, and the fact that there was no pretention in the attitude of the friendly, jovial crowd bolstered the moment.

The event itself is tied to a group of artists in Bristol, CHAMP, whose newly renovated garage studio is as I awkwardly put it at one point, ‘nice’. Which is what it is, a well as more valuable adjectives.

It’s the second time I’ve joined the outskirts of a group shepherded by some leader figure called Sam. The first time being the night of my secondary school prom, in the face of rejection I’d gone off to a gig instead, and while there lied to a group of guys about my age so I could feel less insecure. Sam bought me a drink but I’d had to politely decline.

This time around it was homemade wine that I was avoiding for medical reasons and the barbecue, (from which I had a grilled pepper bun) was a happy addition to the performance. A good move. The details of the performance itself is really only for the performance. That it effectively involved a morning ritual with a much heightened intensity, is enough description to honour intentions I figure.

All of that which Sam took on his sojourn of indefinite length today was lain out on the floor until by the end of the performance it was packed away into his bag. In generosity Sam also provided me and others with a free shirt for our engagement, which was a fine thing to do.

Sam, and the rest of those more of the inner circle, were at the allotment mentioned on the flyer this morning at sunrise, to wave Sam away I guess.

It’s a shame I couldn’t be there, but I was more committed to getting to my bed than hanging around for somewhere to couch/floorsurf with the group. So on this, the longest day of the year, I wish Sam the vey best of luck, and am glad that things like this happen, because, if they didn’t, then just how boring would life be?


Miranda Whall’s Wise Words

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Miranda Whall’s Passage is currently showing at the ICIA in Bath until Sunday 22 March.

Shop Dutty Takeover: New Website Launch!

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When: Thursday 7th August ’14

Time: 6pm – 10pm

Where: Shop Dutty, 116 Cheltenham Rd, Bristol BS6 5RW


As part of the Dutty crew it’s only right I let you know about Shop Dutty’s brand new and improved website launch as we are doing it the only way we know how BIG. From in store discounts to live music and drinks we are inviting you to have a Dutty night in with us in the shop to get you all booted n’ suited for the night. Stocked with our very own gems, other independent designers and plenty of vintage, we have the lot for both women and men. Join us as we take the launch to a whole nother Dutty level with raffles* and laughter with the opportunity for you to win some free goodies. So if that’s not tempting enough then I don’t know to be honest. Maybe all you need is the Dutty Lifestyle in your life, so come along anyway!

*raffle given to buyer after every purchase during the Launch from 6 – 10pm.

rifeWhen: Wed 18th of June 2014

Time: 5:45pm – 8pm

Where: Watershed – 1 Canon’s Road, Harbourside, BS1 5TX Bristol, United Kingdom


Since February I’ve been part of Talent Lab, a Bristol-based group of 23 creatives formed by the collaboration of Watershed and award-winning creative agency, Latimer. We were commissioned by Bristol Youth Links in partnership with Bristol City Council to shape an online platform for Bristol’s youth with an eagerness to create content for the youth by the youth. Thankfully this meant goodbye to all things stereotypically appeasing to us, the youth, like the horrid cliché that was the Go Places Do Things graffiti font. Bless their souls, they kind of tried.

Bristol Talent Lab

So where did we go from there? Rife, baby. Well, a nameless Rife magazine. We knew exactly what we wanted but it took much longer to finally figure out a name. How does ‘rife’ feel on your tongue? Kind of funny? It takes a few attempts getting used to it but it’s a grower. After months of hard work building up content by the core Rife team, as a digital phoenix our baby has risen out of the cliché ashes with some stories going viral and over 10,000 unique site views in less than a month …and we are not even officially launched yet!

With just over 24 hours to go before the Rife Live Launch excitement and anxiety seems to have dangerously merged.

But that’s not stopping us because Rife is yours – all you bloggers, vloggers, photographers, writers, budding journalists, aspiring editors, ranters, reviewers, tweeters, Facebook fanatics, Tumblr scrollers, filmmakers, comedians, storytellers, cartoonists, graphic designers or simply good at generating good ideas. With so much to offer on the night; from making your own gifs, telling us what Grinds Your Gears, pitching ideas for Rife to our team, networking with industry professionals (LatimerClockwise Media amongst others) and listening to acclaimed creator of The Hip Hop Shakespeare CompanyAkala; all we ask is that you RSVP to editor@rifemagazine.co.uk to confirm your place*.

AND if that’s still not exciting enough, through getting involved you can get media training, mentoring, access to equipment, industry links and profile. So even if you can’t make the 18th Rife magazine still wants you! Check out http://www.rifemagazine.co.uk/get-involved/ to find out how you can still get involved.

I hope I’ll be seeing you there – look out for the girl with the R-shaped earrings!


*doors open at 5:45 to those who have RSVP’d and by 5:50/55pm any unclaimed RSVP’d spaces are then opened up to the public with a first come first serve system.

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Get In The Know

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Clothing from Seven, Bristol. Image: Emma Blake Morsi

Particularly interested in everything, the idea of Nocturnal, my Gold Arts Award magazine, came from my uncomfortableness towards the future and my inability to say no. I wanted a way to do everything I love – writing, designing, producing – without having to compromise myself in a society where we allow the media to dictate what we care about. Therefore, with my Gold Arts Award opportunity I wanted to produce something that could be an authentic voice and platform for people to showcase their obsessions with a two-way support. ‘Nocturnal’ came from my love and desire of becoming intimate with the unknown and holding it up like ‘hey, check this out, get in the know’ so others could see all the beauty, passion, and authenticity also. I’m a sucker for community and if you’ve got a passion for something, don’t be a stranger.

Check it out!

Clothing from Shop Dutty. Image: Emma Blake Morsi

Clothing from Shop Dutty. Image: Emma Blake Morsi

Shangaan Electro

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Nozinja in Soweto, 2010 from Dazed and Confused interview.

Nozinja in Soweto, 2010 from Dazed and Confused interview.

On Tuesday Charlie and I had the opportunity to be involved in a workshop with the brilliant Shangaan Electro. Visiting a primary school in St. George, the South African group stirred much curiosity and enthusiasm among the 7 – 11 years olds bouncing around their school hall, waiting to be taught some basics of the traditional dance in their after school activity.

The regenerated music genre of Shangaan Electro has slowly enveloped the world, taking marimba beats to whole new levels of vigorous speed and movement.  Traditionally slower (but by no means slow!), African Shangaan music used to average at around 110 beats per minute, but in 2005 when jolly chap Nozinja decided to get involved with music, he upped the beats per minute to 184.

Teaching the children basic steps and encouraging each of them to make the moves their own, not one child refused to enter the middle of the circle and demonstrate their dancing, with a lot of side stepping, circling and jigging around to all angles of the people watching them.

Usually attending clubs and events, a Primary school in Bristol was not an expected choice for the group to visit. Despite this, the joyful spirit of Shagnaan Electro with its highly charged and exciting pace and rhythm was undoubtedly an incredible experience for all involved. For each child exposed to a form of dance expression that had no rules other than tempo and for every adult who was witnessing the buzz and inspiration of the children taking part, we all left that afternoon with a faster spring in our step!

Sunday Roundup

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Blackcurrant Soda EP Cover

Blackcurrant Soda EP Cover

Maz Shar

Blackcurrant Soda EP
It’s been one month since my EP was released and it’s been a surreal experience. Writing & rapping has been something I’ve been doing semi-secretly for 4 years, so it’s been weird seeing the reactions of people who’ve heard me for the first time. I’m excited because the reception for Blackcurrant Soda has been positive and I feel the EP will serve as a sturdy stepping stone for future projects.

You can listen to Blackcurrant Soda here. Feel free to send any feedback my way – it’s greatly appreciated.

P.S. University is awesome!



Stacey Knights, Illustrator

Someone I have been meaning to post something up about for a while is Stacey Knights, as she has been one of my biggest inspirations, and I feel I owe a lot to her. Her illustrations are tactile, beautiful and clever in their simplicity. Look out for a more in depth post about her work in the near future. But in the meantime… http://www.staceyknightsillustration.co.uk



I just watched the film Kinky Boots and thought it was completely fantastic! It’s got a mixture of humour and genuinely sad moments, paired of course with amazing costumes and fabulous shoes – would definitely recommend. Also it’s based on a true story.

Jake Fried – Hand drawn animation

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Recently I have been thinking a lot about different types of animation and came to the conclusion that I really want to do a hand drawn animation. I have been looking on vimeo and various places on the internet for inspiration and I came across Jake Fried.

I really like the style of his animations where he uses white space as much as dark space. I also really like the sound track that goes with them, for instance in “Last Meal” the sound of people eating slowly turns into a odd unnatural soundscape, mirroring the change in the animation. I think the constantly changing images are intricate and beautiful and juxtapose the mystery in the story telling. I hope you enjoy them and are inspired by them like me.

Check out the rest of Jake Fried’s work, and thanks for reading!

Charlie C-T



Interview with Daniel O’Sullivan (As featured in the new Young Arnolfini zine)


An edited version of the following interview is featured in the new YA zine (launched a week ago).

Interview with Daniel O’Sullivan

By Jacob Matthews


Daniel O’Sullivan is an artist, composer and musician based in London, who is recognised as being part of bands such as Guapo, Ulver and Mothlite among others. He has collaborated with numerous artists including Stephen O’Malley, Jarboe, and Alexander Tucker, who he will be releasing a new LP “Glynnaestra” with on July 22nd as “Grumbling Fur”. He regularly collaborates with the artist, Serena Korda and composed music and conducted a choir of 70 school children as part of Work As Movement Archive in Barton Hill, Bristol in May 2012.  I managed to get in touch with him to ask the following questions:

YO, Deep is the CEO! (It’s Rude to Spit Volume 2)


Those of you who were regular readers of my old blog, The Fresh Prince Blog, will remember me writing an article (“OH my gosh, Deep is the boss!”) on a local artist ‘Deep’.

“Deep’s an “urban” music artist from Bristol, who’s gradually working his way to the top.

He started off making grime tunes to share around with his friends in school. Through the 4Nine Records/Biscuit Mix project he gained opportunities to spread his music further, expanding his fanbase through performances and his internet presence.

Making mainly grime but forever adding to his repertoire, he has performed at gigs and festivals across the UK, while being played on BBC Radio Bristol and other local stations – as well as receiving airtime more than 280 miles away in Sunderland.”

Deep released the sequel to It’s Rude to Spit this morning. I’d definitely suggest checking out It’s Rude to Spit: Volume 2. I particularly liked Suburban BlissWorking, Is It So Hard To Be Happy? and Gassed Up Kids.

Facebook: Deep
Twitter: @DeepBristol
SoundCloud: OfficialDeep
Discography: It’s Rude to Spit & Next Step