The plan so far

Art, Exhibition

Last week wall looked at the questions we most wanted to ask people in Bristol, centred around the idea of “how can a city change?”. We’ve decided to make a structure to transport about the city in order to stage conversations. This could be anything from a table to a moveable living room or a boat. We’re going to build towards a day  when we’ll do this, moving our structure about and meeting different groups. This day of moving and talking will form the centre of the project, which we also plan to build into an exhibition. Exciting times!


And Then We Pulled The Words Apart

Art, Exhibition


Back in July, Young Arnolfini, Black Kettle Collective (Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea) and Ikon Youth Programme (Ikon Gallery, Birmingham) presented a collaborative exhibition exploring the theme of language.

The groups were invited to take over the ground floor gallery space at Arnolfini. They were granted free reign, with no rules or restrictions. Working together, they produced the exhibition collaboratively, exploring what it means to work together.

Taking language as a starting point, Young Arnolfini made a tent to house mistranslated folk stories, an allotment to hand out rumours about plants and a series of flags to talk about communication and group identity. Ikon Youth Programme encoded videos with references to youth culture whilst Black Kettle Collective created new ways to listen to overheard conversations.

Please see a copy of the programme here or alternatively look at their storify.