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Synecdoche Collective

This July, Synecdoche an artist collective based in Bristol, are presenting their debut exhibition at The Embassy Tea Gallery in Southwark, London. Fifty emerging artists will share their most recent works, pushing the capabilities of paint, print, ceramics, sculpture and more. The large exhibition will showcase the collective’s curious and distinctive approach to art making. The work displayed aims to blur the boundaries between fine art and craft whilst demonstrating the artists keen eye for materiality. The show runs from the 8th-13th of July with the private view from 5pm – 9.30 pm on Wednesday the 9th of July.

Alice Tee papercuts

Chaos vs Order


Despite the fact that I have been a member of Young Arnolfini for nearly a year now this is my first blog post! I thought I would kick off with a little sneaky preview of some recent work.

I’m currently in my final year studying BA (hons) Drawing and Applied Arts at UWE here in Bristol. My obsession with achieving perfection in my practice has lead recent work to focus on themes of repetition and the multiple.

Inspired by the work of artists like Yayoi Kusama, Tess Jaray, Bridget Riley and Agnes Martin I have produced a series of hand cut paper nets. The pieces that I have posted here show examples of some of the very early experimental stages of my final project. I hope that throughout my final year at university they will develop in to beautiful visually seductive works that play on the balance between minimalism and excess with a haptic sensibility.