Working with Co-LAB


Co-LAB is an independant arts shop in the centre of Bristol and recently, I’ve been working closely with them.

A few weeks ago, Co-LAB announced that they were running a competition to design their new window display. They set a brief to make it colourful and inspired by spring and challenged anyone to come up with a design. I decided that I’d submit an entry – mainly as a new challenge for myself, but also on the off chance that I’d win.

The design that I entered to the competition

The design that I entered to the competition

I only went and ended up winning it!

Above you can see the design that I entered, and they ended up choosing it. I was given the task of then transferring my design onto their window and adding colour to it.

It was so exciting to work on such a large scale and to have my work displayed so publicly. I really enjoyed that people could watch its development over the two days I worked on it. While it was a challenge – working not only in colour for the first time, but also on glass for the first time – I had a lot of fun.

But it wasn’t the end there. Not long after finishing their new display, they contacted me again. They were creating a series of T-shirts designed by several of the artists that sell their work in the shop and since I’d been working closely with them, they asked me to design one!

Co-LAB Mandala

The design that I created was based around a series of mandalas I’d created. Mandalas are circular patterns based on spiritual symbols from hinduism and buddhism. They are very natural shapes and I love the different patterns used in them. For this design, I created a large one using loads of different patterns. But you can now check out their new T-shirts – one of which was designed by me!

As part of their T-shirt and new website launch, they were celebrating at the shop last saturday. As well as having DJs there all day, they also asked me and 2 other artists to draw throughout the day! I started the day with a blank white board and spent the day filling it with a large mandala. It was exciting watching it develop and the weather was just beautiful. It turned into a lush day, sat outside chatting and drawing.

All together though – I’ve had a really enjoyable experience with Co-LAB and I wanted to share it with you. If you’re interested, you can check out Co-LAB’s facebook page or new website!

Thanks for reading,

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