Miranda Whall’s Wise Words

Art, Artist, Exhibition, Inspirational, Installation, Music, Photography, Video

Miranda Whall’s Passage is currently showing at the ICIA in Bath until Sunday 22 March.

Passage is a surround sound installation about a journey taken by Miranda through Europe, Mexico and Thailand, showing no start and end, and has no clear, structured narrative. Experiences and time-frames blur from one to the next. It is a video piece projected onto four, very expensive looking screens, all displayed at slightly different angles but showing the same piece, providing a very ‘full’ (the best word I could find) experience for the viewer.

I don’t know how much, and in what way, I respond to it as a piece, but some of the choral singing and colours are magical.

But as someone currently planning their first interrailling trip around Europe, the accompanying text resonates much more with me, and brings a fresh excitement and outlook on my forthcoming trip.

‘My presence was always temporary and passing. Each time I arrived in a place I started a new story; a quest in search of something elusive, transient or difficult to define, a ‘thing’ both common and rare. My travellers’ observations were inevitably predictable at first but my stories unfolded, twisted and turned, leading me to unexpected conversations, coincidences and collaborations. I was a passenger carried along simply by the pleasure of not knowing, the pleasure of not being at home; free to wander and wonder, to surrender to time and warm winds and to fall in love with songs, voices, words, faces, dances and places…now this collection of distilled and fragmented images and sounds reveal and conceal my singularly unique ‘passage’. Miranda Whall





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