Ducks are just adorable

Art, Bristol, Photography

Everything’s been really busy with me at the moment, and I haven’t written for far too long.

In a recent Young Arnolfini meeting we were discussing our blog, and basically jazzing it up a bit.
We spoke about how we can improve it and what kinds of things we’d like to be posting on it.

We’ve recently acquired some lovely shiny new members, and with them come new ideas and we have an ever growing list of exciting things we’d like to do – which has been seriously exciting.

Back to the blog.

So yes, we discussed what kind of posts we’d like to be publishing here.

I take a lot of random photos on my travels in and around Bristol, and these are what I will be sharing with you.

I generally respond better to visual things than written, hence why I want to share some of my view points of Bristol with you, through photography.

The first is this beautiful graffiti duck, which I saw a little while ago walking back on an evening from a meeting at Spike.

It’s on the bridge between Arnolfini and MShed, if you want to take a look yourself.

I’d done the exact same walk more times than I can count before, but never noticed it. And that is what fascinated me.

As well as the fact that ducks are just adorable.



More photos to come over the coming weeks; you lucky beans.



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