An afternoon of balloon collaging!

Art, Artist, Bristol, Workshop

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to lead my very first workshop!

With 60 seven year olds from Waycroft Academy we created a beautiful array of hot air balloons for their own version of my Bristol collage.

The main way in which I work currently is with collage and cutting up textured papers to create my illustrations. After meeting with Jo Dennis, who is one of the year two teachers at Waycroft, we decided that creating their own version of my Bristol collage, see below, with each child making their own collage hot air balloons and buildings would create a fantastic display in their classroom. They had previously been doing collage work in some of their art lessons, and so my session came at a perfect time.


The enthusiasm I got from some of the children was incredible! They made multiple balloons, and we used wax crayons and oil pastels rubbed over sandpaper to create a variety of interesting textures. The finished balloons are soon going to be mounted onto a blue display board along with the buildings they created.

After feeling a little nervous initially having 60 little faces focused just on me, their desire to learn and make took over and it was incredible. I felt proud of both myself come the end of the workshop, and all the children, as their creations are brilliant!

I have also been invited to lead the We Are Family Workshop at Arnolfini at the end of July, which I am feeling even more excited about now! That workshop will again hopefully involve a bit of collage, and will link in with The Promise, which is the summer exhibition beginning in July at Arnolfini. Watch this space for how my next workshop goes!!

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