I hope you’re not hungry…

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…because I’m about to bridge the line between food and art!

I was amazed to stumble across the work of Hasan Kale who creates micro paintings on food!


Using Smarties, bread sticks, nuts and chocolate (to name a few) as his canvas, he works to the tiniest scale. Yet even though he is painting on only a few centimeters, he can still create art that’s awe-inspiring.

He uses a brush that’s so small it can paint these intricate details that you wouldn’t have realised it was possible to paint! You’ve got to wonder how much work goes into something so small…

And for some seconds?

Check out the work of Carl Warner, who creates what he calls “Foodscapes”


Entire scenes made completely out of food! I love how he uses things like broccoli to symbolise trees as it reminds me of when I was young and used to think of them as exactly that – little trees! I think its really clever what he’s done and its interesting looking at the scenes, trying to spot the different food he’s used to create his landscapes!

Time for lunch I think!

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