All My Friends Are Superheroes


Take a minute and imagine that all your friends were superheroes. Every single one of them. Every Facebook friend you’ve got, be it 100 or 1000. That’s a lot of superheroes! At first its simple, you think “well so-and-so would have super strength,” “whats-his-face would be able to turn invisible,” etc. But I can imagine you’d struggle to come up with a wide variety.

I recently read (well, re-read!) a book called “All my friends are superheroes” By Andrew Kaufman, and its exactly what you’d think it is. The main character is the only “normal” person and all his friends are superheroes. It makes what would otherwise be a normal romance story unique, interesting and funny!

All my friends are superheroes by Andrew Kaufman

One of my favourite things about the book though is the diverse range of characters. In the book, the author creates a huge amount of superheroes! And they are all the most interesting superheroes I’ve ever heard of! Every few chapters, he takes a few pages to write a few sentences on different superheroes – their name and superpower.

I mean, here’s an example:

Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket and then wondered what would’ve happened if you hadn’t stopped to tie your shoes? How would things have been different if you’d caught that green light? Or if you hadn’t decided to go back and answer your phone when you heard it ringing? Small Difference can tell you: it would make no difference at all. This is her superpower: the ability to tell you that it wouldn’t have changed a thing.

And another:

Shake the Inverse’s hand and the exact opposite of your life will flash before your eyes. This can be so overwhelming that the Inverse will not shake your hand unless you ask him to, and sometimes not even then.
A case point is Businessman. When the Inverse shook Businessman’s hand, Businessman saw himself as having a work and going to life. The experience was so intense that  Businessman retired the next day.
It’s exactly that sort of responsibility that the Inverse seeks to avoid and it’s why he has never shaken his own hand.

I just think that they are brilliant – little snippets of everyday superheroes! The author is very clever and creates such an interesting range of superpowers that it seems almost normal to have one!

Does having a superpower make you that different really?

But it made me think about the huge range of superpowers that you could think of. Have you got any ideas? You can let us know using the #YoungArnolfini tag on twitter or in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,

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