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With the rise of Social Media and mobile phones we are seeing real serge in the amount of photos that exist. This is a rather weird statement to make but the database of photographs that document anything and everything is being created by everyone at an astounding rate, roughly 300 million photos are uploaded to facebook alone, daily, thus creating a revolution of photographers using their smart phones.


iPhoneography is one of the most popular and talked about forms of camera phone photography. I personally put this down to 2 things; Apple’s incredible PR department and the quality of the camera on an iPhone. It’s become so big that pictures from iPhones have been finalists in prestigious photography awards such as Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize,

NPG Gallery Record - Exhibition Image – Digital Copy

And they even have their own award ceremony in which you can win a bar of gold for coming first! IPPAward


The first place winner in each category will be awarded a Gold Bar from the most recognizable private gold mint in the world.

This saturation of cameras into the world has been both heralded as a blessing for public interest and creativity as well as being a blessing in disguise destroying jobs for photographers. I don’t want to get too deep into this subject; I just want to give my own views on it.

I believe fundamentally the more cameras people have, and the more photos people take, the better. We live in an age of fast information where you can find anything, anywhere and anytime at the press of a button. If this was controlled strictly by people in power we would only be able to see what they want us to. Now everyone can blog and take photos we are free to choose the point of view we want to listen to.

Smart phones are also now just as manually controlled as most basic digital cameras so when people say there is no skill and it’s just happy snapping, there is some truth in that, but you can choose how involved you are with the photos.

I myself tend to shoot mainly on 35mm film but I do like to use my digital SLR when I’m doing events photography or taking test images. If I don’t then my phone becomes perfect for test images and even in some cases for candid event photography.

I would say personally I can’t say I’ve been affected by the negatives of smartphone photography but I do know they exist. I have to say as a general I think that it is great to get everyone indulging in something creative. So everyone go out and take photos, but also think about the photos you take.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie CT


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