Deborah Pearson – ‘The Future Show’


As with many events I go and see at the Arnolfini, I went to go and see Deborah Pearson’s The Future Show with very little idea of what it may be. I think the best description I got beforehand was simply the title; The Future Show.

The Future Show

During the performance Deborah Pearson read from a folder in front of her like a soothsayer revealing her predictions for near, not so distant and far off futures. Some of which didn’t happened, and some of which did,

“You will clap. Even those of you who were a bit bored will clap because it’s a comfortable way to signal an ending.”

It’s really quite a hard show to summarise because of its simplicity, but that is where it shines most. I found her calm American tone very disarming which lead me to believe even some of her more absurd predictions, of which include a seagull in a pocket.

As a whole I would suggest to anyone to go and see The Future Show whether they were interested in performance or not, because at the very basis of the performance is something we all seek, comfort in knowing or guessing what the future may hold.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie CT

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