Just a note to say…


So recently, I was walking through the area I used to live and I spotted something on the other side of the road. There was a tree that I had walked past many times, but it looked different. There were lots of little bits of paper tied in the leaves and on the trunk. Naturally, I crossed the road to find out more, and I spotted this:



Some of the locals in Totterdown decided to make this beautiful protest for their tree getting cut down! I came up to find that the tree had a notice pinned on it saying that the tree was to be cut down due to “Excessive lean” (and to be honest, you can see how much its leaning from the photos!) But it seems as though the community living there have grown really fond of the tree! Its covered with notes hanging from the tree, all expressing their love for the tree! It was nice to see the¬†neighbourhood pulling together to defend what is obviously a popular feature in the community!
I just had to share my favourite comment I found on the tree – Its brilliant!


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