Glorified People Watching

Bristol, Workshop

The other day, I was lucky enough to get to work with an Artist and an Architect who were working on a project with the Redcliffe Forum. The Redcliffe Forum are looking on redeveloping the area around St Mary Redcliffe Church, so that its quieter and more people friendly. They’ve got some really interesting ideas in the works at the moment and you can check out more on their website
My job the other day was what I want to call “Glorified people watching”!

I got given a piece of paper at 12:00 and was told to list all the people that come into the churchyard, what time they get there and what they do there until 2:00 when I had to share my findings. To start with, it was a little weird. Sat on a bench watching the people come and go, it felt like I was spying on them. After a while though, it got more and more interesting. I began to pick up on the little things that everyone did – like taking one particular route as a short-cut, or sitting in a particular group of chairs. I quite enjoyed spending the afternoon sat there, and with the sun on my back I found it quite therapeutic.

All this was so that we could get a good idea of who used what spaces, and how they used them. This is so that they can create a space that’s tailored to everyone’s needs, not just the few people who are putting their time into the project. Hopefully, my results should help and I’m looking forward to getting to do it all again when college starts up again! The project sounds really exciting, and I’m very glad that I get to be a part of it!

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