Monitoring the control room exhibition 25/03/2014

Bristol, Exhibition, Installation, Reflection

In one of the busiest times at lunchtime on the 25th March; I had decided to monitor the amount of people walking past and noticing the exhibition in the Control Room. The time I did this was 12:45-13:15. Within this half an hour we had in total 220 people, within the first 15 minutes we had 103 so it was just over 100 people every quarter of an hour, which was outstanding for one bridge in such a short amount of time.

A few people had peered inside expecting to see something, which of course there wasn’t as the display was just the windows. Maybe next time have zines or books about the theme in that one area where we could see inside so there is something there but not distracting from the main design.

We also had a number of people staring as they went past on their bikes let alone walking, which amused me slightly as they were more interested in this than where they were going.

A lot of people were looking at it as it is so bright that you cannot miss it. It grabs your interest just from the corner of your eye. This was such a good idea to have it bright and visually appealing as it sparks so much interest. After visiting the previous exhibitions there, ours is far the most appealing, as the others were quite dark so when moving past on a bridge in a fast speed either by walking, cycling or driving you will always grab their attention.

I tried asking a few people about what they saw, but a lot were very busy. However, I did speak to one man who was staring for a while so I approached and asked if he was interested in the exhibition and he stated, No, just intrigued and curious, which was basically the same thing I asked him anyway. But it grabbed his attention, which is obviously a positive.


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