Billboard Art

Art, Bristol

I live just outside the centre of Bristol, and whenever I’m on the bus on my way into the city, there’s a particular collection of billboards I just can’t help but stare at.

They’re almost like a continually changing art form; different from day to day, from one week to the next. They come in a series or as stand alone pieces, providing subtle messages or factual information.

But the thing that interests me most and the times when to me they feel most like an art form, is when little or no written information is visible to the viewer, and visually all we are left with are the scraps and forgotten elements of previous advertisements.

They’re beautiful!

I have a little bit of a thing for rust – a demonstration of the passing of time, of decay and neglect, and I’ve found that billboards hold these same features; hence my love for them. They show history and the magnitude of the things that came previously.

I am going to create a photography based project around this recent interest, hopefully portraying something slightly unusual I have found an interest in that is perhaps overlooked by most.

This project feels like it would be far from my current collaged illustration work, but at the same time it doesn’t. The textural and tactile nature of the billboard deterioration links nicely with the textured collages I enjoy producing, and so perhaps the two have more in common than first thought.



One thought on “Billboard Art

  1. Hey Fiona, I’m with you there! I’ve been photographing distressed billboards around Europe for a long time now. There’s a unique beauty in these spaces – look forward to seeing your photos.

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