I’ve never been to an exhibition like it.

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Cevdet Erek, the current artist on display at Spike Island, stretches my definition of an exhibition with his latest installation.

Cevdet is an artist and musician. His installation at Spike has completely transformed the exhibition space. He generally works within an existing space, but creates additions for it, transforming and adapting it to suit his needs.

For example, the main gallery 1 space which stands over ten metres tall has been split into two, due to the new floor Cevdet has added to the space. He has created two spaces that could not feel more disparate if he tried. They represent the contrast between night and day time. He uses electricity to overcome the natural cycle of light and darkness in the lower space, but leaves the naturally lit higher space as he found it. Blank white walls.

The blue LEDs that dominate the lower, underground type, space represent the hours of daylight in Bristol during the exhibition. Each LED represents one minute of daylight, so throughout the duration of the exhibition, each day another LED will be illuminated.

I’ve never been to an exhibition like it.

Visually, it can almost be awkward for some, providing little to look at. But if you give yourself a chance and let yourself be immersed by it, it provides a quite unique, memorable and surprising experience.



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