Sequential Exhibition at the Control Room

Bristol, Events, Exhibition, Installation

We began 2014 on a roll, and in January, Young Arnolfini were invited to take over the Control Room on Redcliffe Bridge for a week, and to use the building in any way we wish in order to share our creativity with the rest of the city.

The once vital operating machinery that is encased in the semi-circular Control Room now stands abandoned, hence why Bristol City Council have begun using the space in a new and just as vital way – displaying local creative’s projects and artwork.

The general public are not permitted to enter the Control Room, and so the challenge began – to create an exhibition that can only be viewed from the outside.


The decision was made to use my bold visual piece that is also featured in the third issue of our Zine, entitled Sequential. The piece is a visual response to the previous exhibition at Arnolfini, Joëlle Tuerlinckx’s World In Progress. She focuses on the experience of exhibition spaces, and she completely transformed the walls of Arnolfini.

Our aim then became to transform the windows of the Control Room, to reflect Tuerlinckx’s exhibition at Arnolfini, and to also promote us as a creative collective and our third zine release.

We begin setting up our exhibition on Monday 24th March and it will be at the Control Room until the beginning of April. We wanted to create something striking and bold, something that could be noticed from far away or at a split second if travelling past.

Below is the image being used to cover the windows of the Control Room, and we’ll hopefully be adding vinyl lettering to the windows with information about ourselves and the third issue of our zine!


So watch out for us installing on Monday on Redcliffe Bridge, and make sure to look at the Control Room next time you pass, I’m pretty sure you’re not going to be able to miss the giant orange prints we have in store for you all!

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