Shape My City at The Architecture Centre

Events, Workshop

Yes, I’m posting about Architecture again.. No, thats not all I post about! But I’ve just started a project there called “Shape My City”, which I talked about in another of my posts. Shape My City is a project aimed at young people aged between 15-18 who are interested in Architecture. It aims to give them a better idea about what architecture means and all the different sides of it. The topics part of it range from public art spaces to master planning and infrastructure. So quite a variety of stuff!

I had the first session on Thursday the 6th of March – and it was great! The first session was mainly an introduction to the group and finding out what everyone knew about architecture. But it was lots of fun!

The event started off with a series of activities helping us to get to know each other. This ranged from us circling places important to us on a map of Bristol to creating a brick wall made up of what we wanted to get out of the project. These were really interesting and after, we started on the main event!

We were given some time where as a group coming up with a plan what Bristol would look like in the future. At least that was the rough guide – what we created ended up being quite different! We started to think about how we could use the different blocks and bricks to build taller and stronger structures. Our city needed to adapt to all sorts of issues such as earthquakes, floods and giant two year-olds meddling!

The project seems really interesting at this stage and there is a lot to look forward to! If we do anything especially exciting, I might post about it, but at the moment we’re looking to work towards creating a manifesto for Bristols Architecture for young people and evaluating a design proposal on the Youth Takeover day in November! So there is a lot that I’m looking forward to with it!


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