Typewriter Art | Fiona Clabon

Paper Weaving


I just thought I’d write a short post to share a piece of recent work with you all.

I went to uni in Winchester, and there was a small photographic gallery there, in which the guy wove two photographs together to create one piece. The process looked quite intricate, but was something, since seeing that, I’ve always wanted to try.

Typewriter Art | Fiona Clabon

So a couple of weeks ago I finally got round to doing it! I think the process was more complex than I thought; getting the end result perfect and precise is really hard! But I do like the image produced at the end. They are distorted, but in an almost controlled and uniform way which I really like.

I’m going to take the paper weaving process a bit further and experiment with using varying images, different types of paper and also the thickness of strips, to see how they all affect the final image. I’d also like to get better at making them neater and more precise, but as with lots of things, I think that will only come with practice!