Ich bin ein Berliner.



I was off galavanting between Europe and Scandinavia last week, doing speedy visits to London, Berlin and Copenhagen, taking in the culture, creativity as well of lots of fine food!

In particular I couldn’t believe the contrast between these city’s. London is renowned for being fast paced and champion of the tourist experience, with sight seeing buses chugging round the streets atone a minute. However Berlin to me was a proud and punked up city, willing to show tourists it’s underlying, underground music and art scenes, only if you were ready to look for them. Bars hidden across the vast spread city and backstreet graffiti could easily remain unknown if you didn’t do your reading. It seemed that the laid back Berliners still live somewhat on the down low in comparison to other city’s, immune to the masses of street art and graffiti and contemporary galleries like the c/o gallery sitting quietly on a street away from the centre of the city.  They have temporarily been exhibiting work in open air outside the gallery after a closure for expansion and refurbishment, due to reopen later this year.

Rich with history I learnt so much and I’ll definitely be returning to pick up where I left off, making sure to take a few wrong turns and explore the mischievous capital a little bit more. Anyone coming with me?