RWA Annual Open Exhibition – Well worth a visit!

Bristol, Exhibition, Inspirational

I visited the RWA last week, as I’m hoping to do some voluntary work with them. After meeting the volunteer co-ordinator I took a stroll around their 161st Annual Open Exhibition, and left feeling seriously inspired!

I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition, and I’ve tried to put my finger on why that is. The diversity within the selection was incredible! Talking to a member of staff, they told me about the selection process that is carried out in order to create the exhibition. The work currently on display is about a quarter of the submissions they had this year, and every piece submitted is seen by a panel that included artists, curators and volunteers.

Also the way the exhibition has been curated played a big part in it’s impact for me and as to why I found it so inspirational. The rooms are bursting with texture and colour and shape. The walls are filled to the brim with work, and the sheer amount of work hits you upon entering. The scale of some of the pieces is really striking as well; from sculptures and huge paintings, to prints as tall as my thumb.




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