Young Peoples Festival of Ideas - Social Media - at the Arnolfini

Young Peoples Festival of Ideas – Class and Education Wed 22nd

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If you havent heard of it, Young Peoples Festival of Ideas or YPFoI for short, is a series of debates on hot topics (past events have covered Pornography and Social Media). The inspiration for the event came from the original Festival of Ideas held in Arnolfini and other venues across Bristol and we’re excited to be working with the team behind FoI and Salam Shalom to create these free events. The only thing you need to do is reserve your ticket with Arnolfini’s box office (0117 917 3200).

We’re all really looking forward to the next event on Class and Education on Wednesday the 22nd of January so we decided to find out from different YA members what all the fuss is about!


A clash of ideas; that is what I am most looking forward to about Wednesday’s Young People’s Festival of Idea’s talk on Class and Education. Not because I like a heated debate but because often it takes somebody to challenge your opinion on something, for you to look at it from a different point of view. Discussing ideas freely and learning from each other is what YA aims to get from these open events.


This Wednesday’s Young People’s Festival of Ideas event is not one to be missed! The last two events have been evenings like I’ve not had before, that encourage you to think in ways you may not have before, and to think about things you perhaps haven’t considered before. This week’s event will be covering themes surrounding the necessity of university, how much of a class divide there is in the current educational system and how perhaps can we influence the education system? I’m looking forward to the atmosphere of the evening; a room full of opinionated people, all eager to share their own opinions and experiences of the education system and how class is effecting it.


I feel the YPFoI events so far have really fulfilled our aim – to give young people a unique platform to share ideologies and philosophies, particularly amongst themselves and other generations. It not only has been cathartic for myself but I feel it has also been great for representing such diverse intellect and positive connotations of young people. If anything I feel class and education is going to be the pivotal topic where strong opinions will surface to make for an incredible debate and be a real eye opener for many, so I’ll definitely be nabbing a front row seat!


The YPFoIs have been such an interesting experience for me. They have been entirely unique, and I’ve never seen anything like them aimed at young people in bristol. The past few topics have sparked interesting discussion between me and the people I go with, and they often raise issues that we might not have been aware of. The next talk – Class and Education – is something that is right in the forefront of my mind at the moment, and unlike the past topics, its something that young people have to actively think about – investing lots of time into researching it. I’m looking forward to seeing what issues and points are going to be raised in the third talk.

Charlie C-T:

What I think really makes the YPFoI events so special is the participation of the audience and the really interesting points everyone has to give to the debate. I feel like if people didn’t show as much enthusiasm as they do, then the event wouldn’t even be half as good as it is! What I’m most looking forward to about the Young Poeples Festival of Ideas event is hearing all of your contributions.

See you all there!


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