Fiona Clabon Illustration on Facebook

The Professionalism of Facebook

Drawing, Reflection

I’ve always been quite sceptical on the professionalism of Facebook. For me I’ve only ever really seen Facebook as a personal connection tool for talking to friends but recently I’ve found myself clogging up my own page and therefore my friend’s news feeds with images of my work, or projects I’m doing etc. I’ve also spoken to a lot of other artists, many of which have Facebook pages for their own practice. Both of these things ave shifted my opinion on it.. a little!

And so came about my illustration page!

Fiona Clabon Illustration on Facebook

As I said, I am still very sceptical of how having this page could help me within the arts and how professional I might or might not come across because of it. Therefore my challenge is to ensure that my illustration page is as professional as possible, as well as being engaging.

It will be interesting to see how much of a success I can make this page, and whether I remember to regularly update it or not! I think my main aim with it is to try and reach more people with my work, to get people recognising and talking about it.

Image courtesy of Off The Barrow – a great post on how to use Facebook to its advantage!

A memory of a lecturer from uni has been in the back of my head while I’ve been writing this, as I remember him saying to not spread yourself too thinly when concerning social media. He encouraged us to chose a small few platforms to promote our work from; to use a small number but to use them well. And so I hope that by beginning this Facebook Illustration page I will not be stretching myself too far. We shall see, only time can tell!



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