Fiona Clabon illustration work at Paper Scissors Stone

Fiona Clabon at Paper Scissors Stone

Bristol, Drawing, Reflection

My Paper Scissors Stone Experience Next week will be the last week that my illustrations are being sold at Paper Scissors Stone, the pop-up shop in Quakers Friars. My work has been there since the beginning of October, and I really wanted to share my reflections of the experience, as it’s been so brilliant and I don’t want it to end!

Fiona Clabon illustration work at Paper Scissors Stone

As part of the ‘deal’ with having illustrations for sale at Paper Scissors Stone we as the artists in the shop also work there. It creates a really unique customer experience for the public, and it has provided me with a great bank of information to feed from as an illustrator just starting out. Each time I’ve been working in the shop I seem to work with different artists and designers, who have all been lovely to work with and who all had something new to tell me or knew something I could learn from. The range of artists within Paper Scissors Stone is also really incredible. Some have been making things for years, for some it’s purely a hobby, and for others like me it’s a new and exciting venture!

Fiona Clabon illustration

My expectations of this experience were quite non existent really. It was something so totally brand new to me that I had no idea how it would evolve and turn out. These last few weeks especially have been so unexpected and amazing! Sales have been brilliant; I never knew the lovely people of Bristol had such a thing for coasters! Knowing that someone likes your work enough to spend their own hard earned cash on it is a pretty incredible feeling – a feeling I don’t want to end any time soon!

Fiona Clabon illustration | Paper Scissors Stone

Being part of Paper Scissors Stone has also enabled with the publicity of my work, and has led to further new creative ventures to come in the New Year which I am extremely excited about! I’ve learnt so much from the whole experience! From pricing my work, the presentation of myself right through to how to print a whole page of price labels! It has made me feel more confident about making a success of myself within the arts and has also boosted my confidence in myself and my work.

If you’d like to read more I recently did an interview with Made in Bristol, the organisers of Paper Scissors Stone.

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