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Electric December- Film festival + How to embarrass your mother

Bristol, Cinema

Hello!  Billie here. Just thought I’d bring your attention to a certain film festival based in Bristol, which goes by the name of Electric December. A film festival which focuses on showcasing the talent of young film makers from all over the world…

The idea is that 24 films are short-listed, and turned in to a sort of advent calendar, featuring on the Electric December website and being shown on Millennium Square on a particular date leading up to Christmas. So yes, just like an advent calendar except you get a short film made by a young person instead of chocolate.

I found out about this not because of my initiative in taking an active interest in my local arts, I’m afraid to admit, but because my film teacher sent me an email saying how he’d entered my coursework from last year, and it had been short listed as one of the 24.

Brilliant! That is pretty brilliant I agree. But I was at first a little mortified by the fact that the film featured my mum playing a homeless man, and pretending to sing to rather terrible dubbing.

Well why cast your own mother as a homeless  man in the first place, you may ask?

The thing is the initial casting call was for an old man, and seeing as we were filming on a dodgy old cannon I’d got for my thirteenth birthday, we just didn’t have the resources we’d have liked, and quite frankly I don’t know that many old men.

James playing the part of Fergus, the poor soul being stalked by my mum.

James playing the part of Fergus, the poor soul being stalked by my mum.

So my mum agreed to be in it as long as we didn’t show it to anyone other than our film teacher. And I can’t fault her on enthusiasm, but bless her, she was meant to be playing a busker ( we were dubbing a man’s voice in afterwards), and quite often she’d forget to even pretend to play the guitar, let alone sing anything resembling the right lyrics.

So, after promising her no one but us was ever going to see it, telling her it was going to be on Millennium Square today (my day was the tenth), was rather hilarious. That and all her relatives have been sharing it on facebook.

My film is called ‘Fergus’, my mum’s the bloke in the hat with the guitar.

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