The Station | Perfectionism | Young Arnolfini exhibition preview

Young Arnolfini at The Station

Bristol, Exhibition


6th December 2013 was the preview night for our exhibition at The Station Bristol. After months of preparing what themes we wanted, people’s jobs and roles within the making as well as helping put the exhibition up, it finally arrived. We decided on the theme of perfectionism because it led on from our second issue of the Zine. This was a slightly different angle, looking at how we would put on our so say perfect exhibition, so exhibiting the planning rather than the actual thing.

The preview went well, due to the wall team doing a fantastic job on the painting on the walls, it looked professional and ready to exhibit on the night. The projector was one issue for a little while, but temporarily sorted the issue out and was ready to also exhibit at the preview. I was in charge of the catering for the night, so kept an eye on the drinks and food and kept topping everything up so it was available for our guests. I was also meet and greeter with the Zines as well as working with Fiona on this as she gave them information on the exhibition.

The preview was overall a success. Guests seemed to really enjoyed looking around and especially were drawn to the film which was placed near the entrance in a little section so it was off away from the wall art. The comment book was placed next to the film in the entrance, so on exit then they could write something about their experiences in the exhibition. We had people re posting our Twitter post, which hopefully made people more aware of the exhibition being held, so will take a look at some point in the month it is open. This was fantastic for marketing, social media really helped us out here. We had some interesting feedback from university students who have been working on this theme for dissertations which was great feedback.

One thing I think would need to be improved on would be the length of film. It is 18 minutes long which in my opinion is to long for an audience to stand and listen to people talking about their favourite films. We had some great feedback on the film, but I just think it could have been slightly more interesting if was shorter and snappy.

I am looking forward to hearing and seeing more comments being made about the exhibition, and will be planning our next event very soon.