YA Exhibition at The Station

Station Exhibition – Perfectionism

Bristol, Exhibition, Painting, Roundup

Last week we were working in collaboration with The Station in Bristol. The Station invited us to curate and produce an exhibition of our choice in one of their rooms. The space was a really nice blank canvas for us to project our ideas onto. We had recently produced the second issue of our zine/small publication called YA and decided to use the subject of that, which is Perfection, as the starting point for our ideas. What we wanted to covey in the space was the thought that the ideas you have in your head are the perfection of what you want something to look like. We also wanted to physically react to the space we were given so we combined the two and tried to create as simply as possible but still retaining a bold aesthetic, something that showed our perfect ideas of how we would utilize the space. The exhibition will be on throughout December until the 4th of January.



I felt the exhibition was a great opportunity for us all to work on something together, and to produce this collaborative exhibition as a team. I really enjoyed the set up, especially the painting onto the walls – I think we managed to produce a really innovative and interesting exhibition, and to a certain degree we have to thank The Station for allowing us to paint onto their walls!

Charlie CT:

I really enjoyed the entire process of putting on the exhibition from beginning to end. My favourite thing was meeting and having a blank space in which we could do (nearly) whatever we wanted. Being able to realize an idea and watch it change and grow was really cool. I want to thank the station for giving us the opportunity and I hope if you get the chance to go and see it then I hope you enjoy it. If you can’t make it, here are some images of us working:

timelapse_20131204_0329 timelapse_20131204_0147 timelapse_20131204_0400


I think that the most interesting part of the exhibition was the contrast between what we had written and the space it was in. They were pretty much opposites! Our perfect space had “blacked out windows”, “diffused light” and “grey fabric” – none of which the station had. It was almost as though they were directions for how we could change the station into our perfect space

This was my first chance to experience the process of creating an exhibition. It was interesting watching it develop, and getting a chance to create parts of it! Looking at the finished exhibition was great because it showed all the work we put into it.


My absolute favourite part of working on this exhibition is that each member of YA seemed to step out of their comfort zones to work with words.

We are all more of a visual group, primarily made up of photographers, fine artists and graphic designers and not particularly sterling at writing. Or so we thought.

Except for some rushed coursework evaluations (usually after extensive alcohol consumption!), our individual practices and studies often don’t allow us time to be creative with writing, so this naturally makes us doubt our capabilities in it.

For this Perfectionism Exhibition we wanted to address the truth that imagination of something does not always translate into an accurate reality. To do this we wanted to use descriptions of our ideal exhibition spaces.

From the end result scrawled across the walls of The Station it seemed all we needed was a blank space and a little confidence in our own voices to show how assertive and expressive ideas could look.

We proved to ourselves that we may all be visual practitioners, but language can be visual too.


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