Street photography- living in Bristol

Bristol, Photography

I thought I’d have a go at street photography, so took my camera in to the centre and had a little wander.  Naturally, I went with a friend, and if anyone asked, we were tourists or worked for the government. Nobody asked but I was on edge the whole time.

Corn Street Bristol | Billie Appleton Street Photographt

Just to be clear, I’m not a photographer, and I know little or nothing about photography. In fact, I found the best pictures seemed to come from spurts of excitable enthusiasm, pointing the camera aimlessly, or at something shiny that had happened to catch my attention.

Well the best and the worst.

My main obstacle was trying to get an interesting composition, or catch a sneaky pic of a guy with a particularly weird hair, without looking like a complete and utter stalkerish weirdo. Which is how I felt. The looks some people give you.

But the most frustrating thing was how difficult it is to capture those moments you really want. In the couple of seconds it takes you to steady your camera and adjust your focus, it’s gone. No one’s going to believe you when you tell them. It’s especially frustrating when the most interesting people you want to capture, are also the people you least want to see you taking a picture of them. I felt like a spy.

Anyway. A few of them I kind of liked, and I’ll admit that it makes you notice things. And people, it makes you notice people, and what very odd and interesting things they are.

A fun game to play if you’re ever people watching, is to imagine what random strangers would be like as super villains.

Old man and van | Bille Appleton Street Photography

I digress. I’ll leave you with a few of my favourite and let you get on.


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