ExtraLife – video games raising money for kids



I’m partaking in the annual Extra Life event. Extra Life consists of gamers around the world coming together to raise money for their local children’s hospitals. The main event lasts 25 hours where participants are encouraged to stream video games for 25 hours straight (usually 24 hours). I am currently nearly 9 hours in with 16 more to go! We will be playing games like Zelda, Last of Us, Dead Rising, Outlast, Minecraft, Alan Wake, Scribblenauts, Fusion Frenzy, Skylanders and lots more!

My target is $200 and I’ve currently raised $30. Any donations would be really appreciated as this is for a good cause! Doesn’t matter if all you can spare is $1 – this is still enough!

You can watch me stream here or here for the whole group.

Here is my donation page (extra life is currently down atm)


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