Wolfgang Tillmans, Transforming an Exhibition Space

Exhibition, Inspirational, Photography

German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans has proved great inspiration to my own work over the past few years due to the way he uses an exhibition space.

No matter the subject matter of his work, he displays his photographs in ways that engulf and transform a space even though they could be the smallest of prints. His images are not centrally aligned or all the same size – He stretches the viewer by encouraging them to interact with his photographs in new ways such as positioning some extremely close to the floor for example. He often places large series of images next to a single image, or places some of his photographs slightly out of reach – close to the ceiling perhaps or printed very small.

I find the spaces he creates inspiring as they demonstrate to me the exciting possibilities within hanging and displaying work, but also sometimes the lack of imagination we may sometimes have when curating an exhibition.

Check out details of his latest exhibition in London open until November 24th.



‘The Turner Prize winning artist presents a show of new work, Central Nervous System, which features a renewed focus on portraiture and the body. Focusing on a single subject throughout, this series of emotive works deals with the theme of friendship and unrequited love.’



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