Analog vs Digital?


The debate between analog vs digital photography seems to be cropping up more and more lately. With big film manufactures such as Kodak going through serious financial strain, it isn’t looking promising for analog photography… Or is it?

Over the past couple of years I have attended hundreds of photography exhibitions; from big contemporary photographers such as Andreas Gurksy to local DIY pop-up photographic events and its probably safe to say more than 75%-80% of the work being displayed, all shot on traditional photographic film.

So it does make me question, is digital really taking over? I agree that digital photography has its purpose and is now dominating in certain areas, for example Photojournalism and Commercial advertising are two areas that benefit from this medium solely on its quick production turn around time but is that what photography is really about, to sell something?

Maybe I’m just being stubborn but my passion for photography has no link to digital production what so ever. My love for photography came from the agonising wait of collecting my first roll of film from the lab when I was barely tall enough to see over the counter. The late nights stood in a darkroom under an dim red glow. The smell of developing chemicals that linger for days no matter how much you wash your hands.

I cannot predict the future of “Photography” whether its digital or analog but one thing is for sure that when film finally does get consigned to the history books, I shall go with it kicking and screaming.

Ross Williams


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