Inspire Bristol 2013 Awards



Become inspired, motivated, resilient.

Be motivational and inspirational.


Inspire Bristol focuses on recognizing and celebrating the diverse achievements of young people in Bristol, giving these young galvanizers a chance to share their stories, whether it be overcoming challenges, helping others through volunteering or excelling in their passion.

On Saturday 19th of October the mass of young people who brought their generational stereotypes into question at The Station; with their integration in all aspects of the event, also consisting of the organisation and reporting, including Watershed‘s team of young reporters; was outstanding. Especially as a young person myself, it was inspiring (oh, yes!) to see such hard work being acknowledged and celebrated by both young and old.

Likewise, the genuineness of heart touched me as nominees and their supporters also applauded their opponent rival adversary equals with equal authentic respect as if they themselves had won. It was refreshing as people celebrated as one and the true focus of simply inspiring and being inspired was revered. Even from just my brief conversation with Councillor Faruk Choudhury, the Lord Mayor of Bristol, and the entrust of looking after his belongings as he dashed off to take some photos with others in our beautiful photo booth absolutely showed the absence of superiority and the state of parity in the Station.

As the Storify editor of the event, consisting of organizing all the content prior, live and post the Awards from all over the web, I feel validated in saying what a success this event really was. And not the kind of success where the turn out is remarkable and the marketing team press box all clap our hands and pat our backs, but from the magnitude of respect and affection throughout the day — the success of lasting inspiration. It was almost enchanting, reading how touched and inspired people were feeling from the event alone.

I could go on retelling in my own words how the event went, however, why not witness for yourself through the testimonial Tweets, photos, Vines, and posts from the web all nicely compiled together for your pleasure on our Inspire Bristol 2013 Storify page.

Enjoy and inspire!

Emma Blake Morsi


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