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Blackcurrant Soda EP Cover

Blackcurrant Soda EP Cover

Maz Shar

Blackcurrant Soda EP
It’s been one month since my EP was released and it’s been a surreal experience. Writing & rapping has been something I’ve been doing semi-secretly for 4 years, so it’s been weird seeing the reactions of people who’ve heard me for the first time. I’m excited because the reception for Blackcurrant Soda has been positive and I feel the EP will serve as a sturdy stepping stone for future projects.

You can listen to Blackcurrant Soda here. Feel free to send any feedback my way – it’s greatly appreciated.

P.S. University is awesome!



Stacey Knights, Illustrator

Someone I have been meaning to post something up about for a while is Stacey Knights, as she has been one of my biggest inspirations, and I feel I owe a lot to her. Her illustrations are tactile, beautiful and clever in their simplicity. Look out for a more in depth post about her work in the near future. But in the meantime…



I just watched the film Kinky Boots and thought it was completely fantastic! It’s got a mixture of humour and genuinely sad moments, paired of course with amazing costumes and fabulous shoes – would definitely recommend. Also it’s based on a true story.


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