One Giant Arm – “Stupefy”

Bristol, Exhibition, Photography, Uncategorized


On Friday night I attended a pop up photography and zine exhibition titled “Stupefy” organised by the increasingly popular One Giant Arm (

All contributors were given one simple brief: to ‘Stupefy’ the viewer, which attracted submissions from all over the world, myself included.

If I’m completely honest I’ve never been a fan of pop up galleries. I always find they lack the wow factor to make me feel intrigued enough to want to go inside and look around. The guys from One Giant Arm however seem to be on to something with the way their pop up shows are curated. It’s simple, basic DIY mentality which screams inspiration from the punk rock scene. Walls plastered from floor to ceiling with prints, no specific order, no frames, no messing around, you get what you’re given.

The exhibition itself was a huge success, with crowds overflowing out into the streets and a consistent flow of people coming and going until the very end of the night. One Giant Arm are definitely ones to keep an eye on, check out their blog for updates about future shows.

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