Michael Cina

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I was trying to think of something to write about for the blog, and decided to look through my vinyl collection to find something to listen to whilst undertaking the task. I find if I listen to music on the computer I will see a video and watch it and then get lost in the wonderful world of procrastination, where as if I listen to music from a different source it is harder to get distracted. Anyway, I was looking though my vinyl when I stopped to put on “Half Of Where You Live” by Gold Panda. This is one of my favorite albums not only for the music but also for the album art. It’s so intricate and interesting I decided I wanted to post something to do with this album art!

On further inspection I saw two names on one of the sleeves. “Designed by Michael Cina” and “Artwork by Andy Gilmore”. I want to focus on the first of these two, Michael Cina, and I will probably come back to do another post at some point on Andy Gilmore.

One basic Google search of Michael Cina and I found a treasure trove of colour, shape and beauty.

I don’t want to say too much about his work because I want you to make your own minds up about them. What I am going to say is that I really, really want some of his prints. Sadly they are out my price range, but my birthday is coming up soon… All jokes aside, please go and check out these amazing works for your self! http://cinaart.com/

Thanks for reading!

Charlie CT

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