Paper Scissors Stone

Bristol, Exhibition, Printing, Workshop

Handmade in Bristol

Four walls of beauty and inspiration.

The walls of Paper Scissors Stone, a creative pop-up shop in Quakers Friars, are drenched with a variety of beautiful work from artists and designers based in Bristol and the surrounding areas. From tomorrow I will be one of those lucky few who’s pride and joy (my work) will be up for sale until Christmas!

The items in the shop are all hand made, and come from a variety of people from across the city. They include illustrations, greetings cards, homewares, jewellery, broaches and more. The shop provides unique and beautiful gift ideas for Birthdays and Christmas (Yes the C word is fast approaching). All of the designers and artists featured spend time working in the shop, so you never know you could be served by the creator of the work you’re about to buy!

For a unique shopping experience, head to Paper Scissors Stone, Quakers Friars, Bristol. Scissors Stone


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