How one thing can make you realise a whole project


So… today I had my very first tutorial for a project I am doing in my final year of university. My topic was so broad I had trouble shooting because everything seemed just so cliché; I wasn’t happy with the photographs I had taken, I wasn’t happy how everything was not exactly tied in together. All I Knew that this topic had something special and incising about it. With that we had discussions, talking about our memories, people’s reactions to maybe something should had been traumatic, we all laughed, purely because the memory was known to be exaggerated. This then made me realise, it was peoples stories, how they tell them, and in conclusion how our reactions were, this is the narrative and piece I wanted to create. I am now looking forward to creating this piece, with audio and video. Video of an empty space, or an empty counselling room; with audio over the top, making the audience use their imaginations of the people in the space. This could be done as an installation of some kind. These are first ideas, but that one story was so inspirational to a whole project idea. 

Photograph: a rough idea what I want the video space to be, empty with chairs, ready to hear the discussions and stories. 


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