Warsaw Museum of Modern Art

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I had a free day in Warsaw on Sunday after the Up to 21 film festival, and decided to visit the Museum of Modern Art. After trying to find the “new building” I had seen on their website (which is opening in 2019 and hasn’t even finished being designed) we finally made it, with some help from a tourist information office.


The current exhibition “In the Heart of the Country” features work from international artists such as Sarah Lucas and Teresa Margolles. I had heard about Margolles’s piece 127 Bodies through Charlie, and found it subtly profound in person. I had seen her work before at the Artis Mundi in Cardiff, where she had three pieces; Plancha, 32 años Levantamiento y traslado donde cayo el cuerpo asesinado del artista Luis Miguel Suro and a soundpiece where through headphones the audience can hear the uncomfortable sound of bodies being dissected. Her work deals with the victims of gang crime in Mexico, often in visceral and provoking methods. 127 Bodies consists of the mortuary strings used to sew up victims corpses, tied together. It’s then you realise the stains on the pieces are from blood.

Another striking piece was the soundpiece from Wojciech Bakowski; I see things that are not there. The uncomfortable, claustrophobic nature of the piece automatically involves the audience, and raises the hairs on the back of your neck.

Overall I really enjoyed my visit, and hopefully will return again in the future.

– Grace


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