80pence is all you need

Bristol, Drawing, Exhibition, Painting, Performance art, Photography, Printing, sculpture

Where can you currently find a life sized wish bone, pickled onion knuckle dusters, an incense filled fish tank and a video based around KFC?

Bloomberg New Contemporaries is a touring exhibition, and this year it’s other venue is Spike Island in Bristol. The collection of 46 recent fine art graduates works features over 100 pieces and is split across two sites – there is just that much work! 8 Millennium Promenade (next to Pizza Express) has provided Spike’s offsite space for New Contemporaries and can be reached by the Bristol Cross Harbour Ferry for 80 pence.

New Contemporaries provides us with the first look at who might become big names in the art world in years to come. The diversity of the work selected is incredible. I am a Gallery Invigilator at both of Spike’s New Contemporaries venues, and having spent numerous hours with many of the works, there are many I still do not fully understand, yet that is beginning to not bother me.

Some of my favourite pieces strike a chord with me because of how they make me feel, rather than the knowledge or concepts behind them. I don’t fully understand them yet that doesn’t matter. What matters is the experience I gained from viewing and interacting with them, and focusing on why they are the pieces I chose to enthuse to others about.

So come along, and see which pieces grab your attention. Laugh at the ones you don’t understand and remember those ones that have the power to change how you feel.

Bloomberg New Contemporaries is at Spike Island until 10th November, when it will move to ICA until January 2014. Open Tuesday – Sunday, 12-5pm.

What better way can you think to spend 80 pence?



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