The past does not exist.

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If we consider that the current theory of the Universe is correct, ie. The Earth is in the Universe and that there are stars and planets which are millions of light years away, then what I cannot get my head around is the notion that the past must not therefore exist.

Because of the incomprehensible distance between us on Earth and other stars and planets in the Solar System, in some cases we are only just receiving the light from some stars that was transmitted in 1066. This got me thinking. Images are essentially light patterns, and whilst the Earth receives light and image, so must it equally transmit light (otherwise we wouldn’t be able to see the Earth from the Moon for example).

So, in this way, if there was to exist some sentient being on a star billions of light years away, they could see the Earth as it was hundreds, thousands of years ago, (the battle of Hastings in 1066 for example could somewhere still exist and be occurring due to the lag in light travel).  Each one of our actions through time are still travelling as light through space, and could be received and seen at any point. Furthermore, if “space” is infinite, every single action on Earth could never be considered a finished action and in the past, as it is floating off through space somewhere, where in maybe one thousand or one billion years it will be picked up on some far away planet.

I don’t actually know the validity of this idea, as I am not a astro-physicist, but on the simplest of levels, I find it a fascinating concept.

Ross Williams


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