YO, Deep is the CEO! (It’s Rude to Spit Volume 2)


Those of you who were regular readers of my old blog, The Fresh Prince Blog, will remember me writing an article (“OH my gosh, Deep is the boss!”) on a local artist ‘Deep’.

“Deep’s an “urban” music artist from Bristol, who’s gradually working his way to the top.

He started off making grime tunes to share around with his friends in school. Through the 4Nine Records/Biscuit Mix project he gained opportunities to spread his music further, expanding his fanbase through performances and his internet presence.

Making mainly grime but forever adding to his repertoire, he has performed at gigs and festivals across the UK, while being played on BBC Radio Bristol and other local stations – as well as receiving airtime more than 280 miles away in Sunderland.”

Deep released the sequel to It’s Rude to Spit this morning. I’d definitely suggest checking out It’s Rude to Spit: Volume 2. I particularly liked Suburban BlissWorking, Is It So Hard To Be Happy? and Gassed Up Kids.

Facebook: Deep
Twitter: @DeepBristol
SoundCloud: OfficialDeep
Discography: It’s Rude to Spit & Next Step


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