Sunday Roundup

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Charlie CT:

Ed Clark was a photographer for life magazine that I have admired for years. Any time I want inspiration to just pick up my camera and use it, I look to him.


Recently I’ve really gotten into the work of Hunter S. Thompson, mainly because his fast paced, jumpy style is the perfect distraction from various deadlines. In Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Thompsons work is accompanied by Ralph Steadmans illustrations, depicting the surreal world of the journalists hallucinations. After reading the book I started to research Steadmans own work, and found it really inspiring. Take a look HERE



Earlier this year Jonylah Watkins died from bullet wounds. She was only 6 months old.


Here is an excerpt from George V Higgins’s terrific novel Cogan’s Trade. His strong point is dialogue, which 99% of the novel consists of but the action scenes are always this detailed:

Gill stopped the 4-4-2 with the open right rear window even with the driver’s window of the Cadillac. Trattman looked lazily at the car. He looked back at the traffic light.
Cogan ran the 30-06 Savage semi automatic rifle out the rear window of the 4-4-2 and fired five times. The first bullet crazed Trattman’s window. Trattman lurched off to the right and was snubbed abruptly. Cogan said: ‘Good for you, Markie, always wear your seat belt.

And here is how the scene looks in the 2012 film Killing Them Softly:


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